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Healthy Solutions, LLC., The Premier Vitamin Manufacturer, Liquid Vitamin Manufacturer & Skin Care Manufacturer

Our desire to be better than the best has resulted in a full service company that is owned & operated by individuals committed to quality, consistency and old-fashioned customer service. Visit our facility and experience the Healthy Solutions™, LLC difference.
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Vitamin Manufacturing

vitamin manufacturing, vitamin manufacturer, vitamin development As a premier liquid vitamin manufacturer, Healthy Solutions has the years of vitamin manufacturing experience necessary to turn your ideas into reality.
Specializing in great taste we've created and/or refined some of today's top selling national brands. Whether you have an existing liquid vitamin formulation that you'd like us to tune up or a rough product concept that you'd like us to bring to life; we do it all!
Choosing the right vitamin manufacturer is paramount to the success of you and your company. Healthy Solutions is the right choice.
Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable vitamin manufacturing consultants today! Click on the following link to get a better idea of our vitamin manufacturing capabilities.

Bath, Body & Beauty

skin care manufacturing, skin care manufacturer, skin care development Healthy Solutions is an experienced skin care manufacturerand lotion manufacturer with extensive skin care manufacturing & lotion manufacturing capabilities.

Our chemists have years of experience and a proven track record of success in formulating and manufacturing some of today's most popular national and international brands, from high line anti-aging cremes that retail for more than $80 an ounce to inexpensive, quality natural body lotions you find at the local health food store. Whether you have an existing skincare line that needs a tune up or a product concept that needs a qualified skin care manufacturer and cosmetic manufacturer to bring it to life; we do it all.
Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable lotion manufacturing consultants today.

Herbal Extracts & Herbal Tinctures

vitamin manufacturing, supplement manufacturing, liquid manufacturing We probably manufacture as many or more herbal tinctures than any other facility in the United States.

Green Tea Extracts, Passion Flower Extracts, Calming Essential Oil blends, Echinacea, Goldenseal and many more!
If you're looking for a herbal extract manufacturer or a herbal tincture manufacturer, we are your solution. Our capabilities are nearly limitless - cold water extractions, hot water steeping, glycerin or alcohol extraction and preservation. We do it all!

We offer a multitude of of packaging options, ranging from 1 oz to 32 oz, in nearly every shape and color. Need droppers? No problem! It's what we do.

Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants today.

Vitamin Manufacturing Lead-Time

vitamin manufacturing, vitamin manufacturer,vitamin manufacturer leadtimes

It takes 6-8 weeks (with few exceptions) to do it right!

Consider the following and you'll understand why; Healthy Solutions is a Vitamin Manufacturing and Skin Care Manufacturing Industry leader.

Weeks 1-2: Raw Materials Ordered
Weeks 2-3: Raw Material Receiving & Sampling
Weeks 3-4: Microbiological & ID Testing:
ALL Ingredients and ALL Lots are tested for (e.coli, staph, total plate count, coliforms, salmonella etc.)
Week 5: Production & Packaging
Week 6: Final QC, Micro & 3rd Party Micro
Weeks 7-8: A 2 Week Buffer to Ensure That We Under-Promise & Over- Deliver.

NOTE: It takes 5 days to grow the micro plates and we do it twice (2 weeks). Plus, we have a 3rd party finished goods micro performed by an outside lab. Shortening lead times and skipping steps is not an option! We can't imagine not performing a simple $40 test to ensure consumer safety and reduce liability.

Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable vitamin manufacturing or skin care manufacturing consultants to discuss blanket purchase orders or contractual agreements that can reduce lead times by allowing Healthy Solutions to purchase and test raw materials sufficient for multiple runs.

Competitive Pricing

liquid vitamin manufacturing, supplement manufacturing, skin care manufacturing

We use the term "competitive" loosely as we consider only a handful of manufactures actual competition. Our vitamin manufacturing and skincare manufacturing facilities and procedures far exceed industry standards. Visit Healthy Solutions and visit "the competition".

Compare our pricing to others who do everything that we do and you'll see that Healthy Solutions presents an incredible value to your organization.

Do your research, look for vitamin manufactures and skin care manufacturers who have made the well over $250,000 investment in laboratory equipment and personnel needed to meet the new cGMP's. Ask the right questions. i.e. "How do you test your incoming raw materials?" and compare the responses.

The difference is clear. Don't settle for "Good Manufacturing Practices" when you can have the Best Manufacturing practices. In today's litigious environment you can't afford to make the wrong choice.

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