Adding Supplements to Your Inventory

Roughly half of the adult population in the US take at least one vitamin or supplement. That runs to a collective tab of about $28 billion. With more people wanting to balance out their busy lifestyles by taking better care of their health, the demand for vitamin supplements will only continue to climb.

If you run an independent pharmacy or e-commerce site for lifestyle products, adding supplements to your inventory will boost your revenues. But you’ll need to decide on a few things before you pick out which products will do. Here’s how.

Know Your Customers

Find out who your audience is. If you know your market inside and out, you can easily pinpoint what their buying preferences are. That makes it easier for you to determine which products are going to be popular with your regular customers. Focus on building that product lineup.

Think of Your Goals

Do you want to expand your consumer base? Then adding dietary supplements to your inventory is one way to get new customers for your shop. If you already have an existing line of dietary supplements, are the sales high? If the products don’t seem to be winning over any of your regular customers, then experimenting with other brands or options is one way to see much-needed changes in your bottom line.

Provide Options

It also helps to provide options. When you add supplements to the lineup of products you offer, make sure you have a range of choices. Customers like it when they have an extensive selection to choose from. Just make sure the options run from good, better, and best. That will improve your sales count.

Choose a Manufacturer

The best manufacturers for private label supplements aren’t going to land at your feet. Do your homework to find out which firms can provide you with products that are a perfect fit with your business. For instance, if you have a lifestyle improvement shop, supplements that boost energy will be popular with your target audience.


Launching and running a business comes with unique challenges. If you want to keep your independent pharmacy or e-commerce shop competitive, then add popular products. By selling dietary supplements, your company’s revenues will grow.

To ensure your success, partner up with a trusted manufacturer. For private label supplements, reach out to Healthy Solutions. Contact us and find out more about the company’s background, experience, and services.