Advantages of Liquid Vitamins Over Traditional Vitamin Pills

As national interest in the benefits of vitamins and supplements reaches fever pitch, the opportunities to succeed as a manufacturer or vendor in the industry abound. Liquid vitamins are quickly become the prefered method for ingesting supplements thanks to an impressive list of advantages over their traditional solid counterparts. A thorough understanding of this product is absolutely essential to success as a liquid vitamin manufacturer or vendor. The benefits of the product sells itself, but you have to be able to make them known.

Liquid Vitamins vs Traditional Vitamin Pills

As a liquid vitamin manufacturer and vendor you must have an answer to every client’s question. They’ll want good reasons to switch over from their traditional solid pills, and you’ll have them.

  • Absorption Rate means how quickly after ingestion will the vitamins and nutrients be absorbed into the body and bloodstream. Liquid vitamins have a much higher absorption rate than solid pills and capsules, which first have to breakdown and dissolve before being absorbed into the body. Traditional pills also suffer from poor bioavailability.
  • Bioavailability refers to the amount of the dosage that is able to be absorbed by the human digestive system. Traditional vitamin pills may not always breakdown or dissolve completely and quickly enough to be properly absorbed. Liquid vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately after ingestion.
  • Economically, liquid vitamins also often hold an advantage over traditional pills and capsules. Solid pills require a complex manufacturing process which precariously balances the proper ratio of nutrients with other additives that aid in the solid pills physical integrity and dissolvability.
  • Ingestion of traditional pills may be a problem for people who have difficulties swallowing large solid pills or capsules.
  • Synergy refers to specific nutrient’s ability to work cohesively together within the body to promote health. It is much easier to promote nutrient synergy with liquid vitamins.

These overwhelming advantages are making liquid vitamins the next big trend in healthy living products. As a liquid vitamin manufacturer you’ll be perfectly poised to take part in this revolution. Technology and scientific studies are always changing the face of vitamins and supplements, so stay up to date to stay ahead of the of the curve.