Aromatherapy Scents for Bath Products

Of all senses, smell is the most mysterious. A scent can take you back in time to a piece of nostalgia you’d relegated to history, warn you of danger, and even provoke action and lift mood. Essential oils are concentrated botanical extracts that add a new and luxurious dimension to your baths. They won’t cure cancer any time soon, but they’ll certainly begin or end your day deliciously. Some might even ease a few minor symptoms.


There’s a reason dentists use cloves: they have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which can soothe skin conditions, bites, and scrapes.


If you have flu or a sinus infection, a drop of eucalyptus oil will turn your bath into a therapeutic bedtime treat. It clears stuffy noses, and a drop on your pillow will help you to breathe easily while you sleep.


Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances for its beauty, but it could do more for your relationships than you think. Cognitive psychologist, Lorenza Colzato, found that people were more likely to trust others when there was a scent in the air. Lavender seems to engender trust better than other essential oils, so add it to your bath before that job interview.


Lemon is a vibrant scent that brings a certain lightness to your mood. Its anti-bacterial properties could treat minor scrapes and soothe oily skin. Use lemon bath gel in your hair before spending time in the sun, and you can encourage natural highlights.


Peppermint is seen as a soothing invigorator, so use it on those sluggish mornings when laziness threatens to destroy your day. It might also ease nausea, cure itches, and clear blocked noses.

Bath gels bring the power of scent into daily life, adding a layer of luxury to all you do. Need a state of the art manufacturing facility to produce bath gels? Contact Healthy Solutions.