Back to School: Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry touches everything you do. If The Food Babe had strong knowledge of the topic, her paranoia about chemicals would have dissolved into a lake of dihydrogen monoxide. Even the most benign things sound dangerous when you lack knowledge, and everything from yoga mats to human cells is made of chemicals. A little chemistry knowledge can help you stay healthy, relieve stress induced by long words, and improve your earning power.

Understanding Health

Chemistry teaches you how to navigate the complex world of food labels and nutrition productively. It shows you how to pick the right dietary supplement from the shelf, and helps you make sense of your doctor’s advice. For example, if you suffer from kidney stones, a cursory understanding of chemistry will help you understand why your doctor might advise you to avoid a calcium-rich diet.

Identifying Scams

Without knowledge, everything seems like witchcraft and magic. Chemistry teaches you if your moisturizer deserves its heavy price tag and whether your oven cleaner will really do what it claims it will. It creates savvy, scientifically literate consumers who know when to be skeptical, and when to relax.

The Natural World

Chemistry contributes to all sciences. If you’re considering a career in computer science or physics, you’ll need to set a foundation with chemistry. Doctors and pharmacists, geologists and astronomers all need to begin by learning why chemicals react to one another as they do. Since we are all made of chemicals, life sciences require a chemistry background.

Analytical Skills

Just as philosophy teaches you to debate, chemistry teaches you to think analytically. It allows you to solve problems objectively and reason your way through challenging white papers. It’s easy to write a gripping headline about the benefits or harms of a product, and it’s better to be able to understand and analyze rigorous studies instead. Chemistry even helps you rationalize your way through recipe creation, a useful skill for the generations attending schools without home economics classes.

Without chemistry, there can be no life. Chemical reactions tell the story of the universe, from the tiniest cell to the largest planet. The chemists at Healthy Solutions use state-of-the-art lab equipment and scientific methods to formulate and manufacture health products for leading brands. To see for yourself, ask about touring our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.