Becoming a White Label Shampoo Manufacturer

If you are a company seeking the aid of a white label shampoo manufacturer or marketer, then this article will explain to you exactly what is meant by “white label” and what major brands thereof are currently in existence.

White Label Definition

Any product or service produced by one company but re-branded by a different one that redesigns the label, thus making it appear as though they are the producers, is called a white label product. It is so called for historical reasons, regardless of the actual color of the label, from the practice of them being that color so that the manufacturer could put his or her own trade dress (the overall visual impression created by the combined elements of the packaging) on them. Many mass-produced generic items, such as consumer products, software packages, DVDs and electronic gadgets, may be marketed under white labels, and many banks offer white label credit cards, usually for a fee, to save money on infrastructure setup.

What White Label Shampoos Are Available

Brands of shampoo that are commonly sold in white label formats include many of the most widely known. AXE is especially common, so much so in fact that its name occurs in most of the first few pages of a Google search for “white label shampoo” (exact phrase). AXE shampoo and conditioner are often sold as a single white label package.

Genesis Private Label is another favorite of the white label shampoo manufacturer. “The perfect everyday shampoo for all hair types,” as it so proudly advertises itself, contains a trio of ingredients — coconut milk protein, rhodochrosite and sunflower seed extract — that combat the aging process and help to build up collagen, a protein that comprises a large part of the connective tissue in mammals.

How to Become a White Label Shampoo Manufacturer

The exact phrase “white label shampoo manufacturer” does not occur anywhere online, but the two brands given above should be enough. Simply look for a company that manufacturers either of these.

A common reason for using the white label approach to marketing is so that a successful brand can offer its services with no need for investment in any expensive technology or infrastructure. It can also be a powerfully effective way to transform your business into a booming one. There are certain things you should consider when becoming a white label shampoo manufacturer, including:

  • The core competency of your business.
  • The amount of control you have over your products — whether you are willing to take charge of their distribution and marketing on your own or entrust those tasks to others.
  • How many partners you have to help design your white label strategy.
  • How much additional effort you will need to expend in order to develop the kind of product you can easily brand for your partner.

Shampoo is a high-demand product, so you can be very successful using it as the basis for your white label marketing. Many other companies will be competing with you, however, so you will need to have a sound strategy in place.