Birth Control and Vitamins

A lot of women falsely believe that taking vitamins will affect their birth control. Research shows just the opposite. Birth control can often lead to a deficiency in vitamins. If you’re taking birth control, you need to learn about the vitamins you may be lacking.

Vitamin Deficiencies Caused by Birth Control

Vitamin B-1

Vitamin B-6 deficiency can cause complications in the brain and nervous system. Memory impairment may be an effect from that.

Vitamin B-2

Someone who lacks vitamin B-2 may experience degenerative changes in the nervous system, endocrine dysfunction, skin disorders, and anemia. Migraines are often a result of a lack of vitamin b-12.

Vitamin B-6

Despite the fact that birth control is supposed to clear up acne, it can cause vitamin b-6 deficiency which leads to skin disorders, low energy, mood disruptions, confusion, high homocysteine levels, and inflammation of the tongue and mouth.

Vitamin B-9

It’s proven that women on birth control are deficient in vitamin B-9, known as folic acid. This can cause cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 deficiency has varying affects, including: anemia, fatigue, paleness, vision loss, and issues with your heart, breathing, nerves, and mental health.

Vitamin C

A low level of vitamin C is connected to atherosclerosis and heart disease. It causes you to bruise easier and heal slower.

Vitamin E

Low levels of vitamin E can cause muscle weakness, low muscle mass, and vision and gait problems.

What You Should Do

If you take birth control, talk to your doctor about the vitamins you should be taking.

If you’re a vitamin seller, it’s your duty to educate the public on how birth control can affect vitamins. It’s also your responsibility as a vitamin manufacturer to know your products. Do you know what’s in your vitamins? Is your vitamin manufacturer using natural and tested materials? If not, contact Healthy Solutions.