Why Choose Liquid Supplements Over Powder?

When deciding what nutrients to put in our bodies, having a number of options available to choose from is essential to both our physical and mental happiness. One such choice is the type of vitamin supplement you use. In addition to the collection of nutrients within your vitamin, you can also decide between liquid, pill and powdered supplements. All have their merits, but liquid manufacturing methods have a number of benefits over the competition.

Ease of Use

Powders require stirring or other methods of dissolving it into water or other liquids. Depending on the temperature of the drink, the amount of stirring could take anywhere from ten seconds to a minute of fighting with clumps. When you regularly take supplements, this can add up into an immense amount of wasted time and energy simply preparing your nutrition. Liquid solutions rapidly disperse through liquid of any temperature, alleviating a minor yet aggravating stressor.

Better Taste and Texture

The microscopic solids that make up a powder supplement have a more varied chemical structure compared to liquids, giving your tongue more information to analyze and taste. Unfortunately, these powders are frequently unpleasant tasting and can become an obstacle to forming a proper supplement habit. The liquid varieties are able to use materials with better or more neutral flavors, removing any lingering aftertaste.

Powder supplements also impact the texture of liquids used to dissolve them. This is why a poorly mixed supplemental drink may have a thick, gritty feel that is wholly unpleasant.

Faster Absorption Rate

Since the vitamins in liquid supplements are already flowing free of any binding agents, they can begin working their way into your system from the moment they enter your mouth. The membranes that are resistant to larger solids are permeable to the floating vitamins, and the stomach has to perform less processing to access the remainder.

Make the Healthy Choice

Whether you go with liquid supplements or another supplement option, it is important to consult your primary care physician and trusted nutritionists to determine which supplements are right for you. The combination of a proper diet, nutritional aids and physical activity is necessary to keep yourself healthy and in the best possible shape. Liquid vitamins make a fast, elegant and powerful ally in your fight to stay fit.