Choosing the Best Supplement Manufacturing Company

Whether you’re unhappy with your current supplement manufacturing company or  just starting out in the industry, you need to know what to look for. Supplement labs’ end products can vary greatly from that of their peers. Some produce higher quality products, while others are phenomenal at producing specific goods. Here are a few, solid actions you should take when finding the correct supplement lab for your products.

Shop Around! The Most Popular Lab Might Not Be Right for You

Labs that spend more than others on advertising, marketing, PR campaigns and accessibility, generally have one thing in common — higher prices on finished products. These higher prices do not guarantee that the supplements produced will be more effective, healthier for consumers.

Your ideal lab, especially if you’re just starting out, may be more difficult to reach, farther away and less-known. What you may perceive as “lacking” in their marketing department is probably an intended business decision by the lab, often resulting in lower prices, more transparency, communication and a healthier product. This will lead to happier customers and more revenue.

Check Their Credentials and Expertise

You may find a competent, well-respected supplement manufacturing company. They may have one issue that can hinder production for your line: most products sourced from their lab are unrelated to what you’re looking to manufacture. You should always check to make sure that a lab:

  • Frequently produces products in the same category as yours;
  • Ideally, you want the manufacturer you choose to have needed materials in-stock
  • If possible, check for feedback from other companies sourcing their products from the lab in particular
  • Make sure their ingredients and equipment are up to industry standards
  • The company should always be transparent and have excellent communication practices between them and you

Supplement manufacturing is certainly no light task. Any company or lab must be inspected by you before making the final decision on whether or not you choose to use their services for your products. Not only can a subpar manufacturer produce ineffective products that fall short of industry standards, these companies can produce products that cause harm to consumers. By shopping around and communicated with several labs, your prospects of finding the one that fits your product line and production deadlines.