Choosing the Best Protein Powder

Selecting the best protein powder for a person is dependent on the individual and their goals. Protein powders are available in three forms: whey, soy, and casein protein.


Whey protein is the most common form of protein and is derived from the watery part of the milk that separates from the curds. Whey is quickly digested and absorbed at a rate of 8 to 10 grams every hour. Whey protein is popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, those building muscles, and those losing weight. Keep in mind that whey protein contains lactose.


Casein protein is a slowly digested dairy protein made from the solid part of milk that curdles. Casein protein is absorbed at the rate of 6.1 grams every hour. Casein is considered a time-release protein that helps with muscle growth and aid recovery after exercise to reduce muscle breakdown. It feeds the cells over a longer period of time which helps to prevent protein burned for fuel.


Soy protein is also a slowly digested protein made from dehulled and defatted soybean meal and is popular with the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Soy protein is absorbed at the rate of 3.9 grams every hour. Soybeans are the only vegetables that contain all eight essential amino acids. Plant proteins tend to release their amino acids slowly. Soy is also associated with higher estrogen levels.

Protein is essential for our bodies for reproduction, healing, satiety, and muscle growth. Which protein is best for a person depends on why and how they intend to use it.

Supplement Manufacturing

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