CoQ10 Protection from Alzheimer’s?

CoQ10 vitamin manufacturing

CoenzymeQ10 is also known as ubiquinone, which is a substance that converts food into energy. CoQ10 vitamin manufacturing has been on the rise as researchers at John Hopkins University have tested the CoenzymeQ10 on animals with Alzheimer’s-type state. Researchers at Hamdard University in India did the same experiment.

Animals with Alzheimer’s-type brain damage and not given CoQ10 showed a dramatic loss in their cognitive performance. For the animals who were provided daily with CoQ10 vitamins, they showed no signs of deteriorating cognitive activity. The ones provided CoQ10 also showed that they were just as competent as normal ones with no Alzheimer’s damage.

Another finding was that the animals who were not given CoQ10 showed extreme neurological dysfunction while there was no damage, whatsoever to the animals that were provided with daily CoQ10.

In other words, animals who were provided the CoQ10 daily had intact brain function.

Why is CoQ10 essential?

CoQ10 supplements are antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the brain. With aging, one becomes more prone to Alzheimer’s disease as time passes. This supplement helps in preventing memory loss, mental confusion, and severe dementia.

A person’s brain needs nutritional support to protect the brain cells and their functions. That’s where supplements come in. Sometimes, people only drink supplements when they are experiencing symptoms of a disease. That is not good practice. Supplements are taken to prevent such symptoms from happening and showing up. Therefore, before having any symptoms, before becoming ill, and while one is healthy, one should take daily supplements to protect him or herself from any future diseases.

Side Effects

CoQ10 has very few known side effects as it is generally safe for any adult to take when used as directed. When you experience vomiting, skin rashes, diarrhea, and blood pressure, stop the supplement and contact your health care provider right away.

So is CoQ10 Protection from Alzheimer’s?

Based on studies, yes. Yes, it is.

Due to its many benefits to a person’s brain function, CoQ10 vitamin manufacturing has increased. Make sure that when choosing a manufacturer, it is one that meets the industry’s quality and safety standards, Like Healthy Solutions. Never put the health of your customers at risk for substandard supplement manufacturing.