Create Value for Your Customers Through Private Label Supplements

If ever there were a perfect time for supplement manufacturers to launch a private label, it’s now.

Many Markets to Choose From

Gone are the days of marketing to the masses. Today, markets are more segmented than ever – especially when it comes to supplements.

Women. Men. Children. Each is its own market and an opportunity to target your products to specific consumers with specific interests. And, if that wasn’t enough, each of these markets has its own sub-markets. Women who exercise. Women who don’t exercise. Men who work outside. Men who work inside. Toddlers, pre-teens, teens.

Each of these markets and sub-markets offer an opportunity for you to create value for you and your brand through private label supplements. Here’s how:

Lower costs

When supplement manufacturers launch private labels, their marketing costs go down. You can sell the product directly to the consumer online or through a storefront which means you won’t need to spend money getting your product on the shelves of retail stores. These savings, in turn, can be passed along to your customers.


Access to your products is actually greatly increased with a private label. Private label supplements free you from the constraints of finding a vendor to sell your product. Consumers no longer have to be in the right store at the right time to find your supplements. All they have to do is log onto the Internet and order away.


Supplements are very personal. Consumers tend to find those products that appeal to their specific needs and stick with them. When you launch a private label supplement, the consumer will know exactly who they are dealing with. They will have more opportunities to interact with you, ask you questions, provide feedback and invest in your brand. They will also trust your company and your products. In fact, a report published in Consumer Reports showed that 80 percent of 24,000 consumers indicated that they believe private labels are every bit as good or better than national brands.