Creating a Successful Private Label Skincare Line

Skin care is big business today. An aging baby boomer population has resulted in more women than ever looking for products to keep their skin supple and maintain a youthful glow. There is great opportunity for private label skin care manufacturers to leverage this consumer demand and create something extremely profitable. Here are the first steps to creating a successful private label skin care line.

Establish the Persona of Your Ideal Customer

First determine who you want to be your desired customer base. Retired women in their sixties? Professional women forty and up? New moms looking to recapture that youthful glow?  You might want to do some market research to determine which demographic is going to be the most profitable to focus on.

Getting the Right Name

Once you’ve determined your ideal costumer, the next step is to choose a name for your product. Surveys aimed at customers in your desired demographic can help you determine what names might resonate with your consumers. For example, consider the Irish Spring bath soap. This name conjures up an image of a refreshing soap targeted at robust males. See what you can come up that will appeal to your targeted customer base. If you’re considering making multiple products for your skin care line, make sure the name will work well with each individual product.

Focus on One Product Initially

You may very well decide you want to market an entire line that includes a toner, anti-aging serum, day cream, night cream—possibly a face mask. First build costumer trust by establishing your main product. It’s easiest to start with a day cream, which nearly every woman uses, and then, once you’ve developed a loyal customer base, consider branching out to other products.

Appealing Package Design

Women are visual creatures. In stores, they will often pick up a product that has an appealing package design or shape. Consider whether you want sleek, minimalist lines, or something round and comforting. Skincare products frequently end up sitting on a woman’s vanity table or sink, so an attractive package design is important.

Ultimately, customer awareness is the key to creating a successful skin care line. By covering these preliminary steps, you are setting yourself up to build a strong customer base from which you can grow your business.