Diet Supplement Fads VS Facts

Diet’s fail 90% of the time, largely due to false advertisement that claims supplements alone will help you lose weight. Energy does not evaporate; it can only be converted into something else. That doesn’t mean you should toss your supplements out the window.

Diet supplements help users lose weight, but not as a weight loss miracle cure (don’t trust supplements making that claim). They help because they’re proven to assist you in losing weight with exercise and good eating habits.

Three Habits Fatal to Every Diet

In most, if not all dieters, willpower comes in limited quantities. The best way to make a diet fail is to encourage hunger, insist on sacrifice, and promise perfection.

Healthier choices needn’t be restrictive. A meal plan that’s sustainable doesn’t demonize anything except trans fats. Hunger can be banished through regular meals and the recommended daily allowance of protein. Amino acids are critical to a healthy metabolism, and they encourage a feeling of satiety to boot.

Don’t Give Up On Supplements

Supplements can produce impressive results in this area. Green tea is one of the only botanicals with evidence-based effects on weight. Add L-carnitine to the mix, and you can reduce the sugar lows that cause cravings.

Exercise keeps weight off and contributes to a better quality of life—all the better to amp up motivation. Multivitamins will correct any deficiencies that make an energetic lifestyle impossible.

Another factor diet supplement users need to keep in mind is where they’re buying their products from. A cGMP certified manufacturer is going to care more about you dieting safely than that diet pill you found at your gas station.

Unfortunately, diet supplements aren’t a way for you to get away with constantly feasting on burgers and fries. Fortunately, they’ll encourage you to incorporate a health lifestyle all around.