Differences between Winter Skin Care and Year-Round Skin Care

Winter is harsh on the skin, stripping away moisture. Central heating’s sudden temperature changes damage capillaries, while hot baths and comfort eating are a formula for destruction. Your skincare routine needs to be amped up to confront these challenges head-on.


Moisturizing isn’t as complex a process as some beauty brands would have you believe. The skin needs water, which must be sealed in by an oil-based emollient. Then a protective layer is needed to extend the product’s effectiveness. The skin is highly reactive at this time of year, so the ingredients you use to achieve this should be free of harsh chemicals. Substitute gel cleansers with cream-based offerings so that you remove less valuable moisture.


Retinol might suit your summer skin, but in winter, it can cause blotchiness. Products should also be free of parabens, harsh fragrances, phthalates, and triclosan. Soothing replacements include honey, lavender, and aqueous bases. Petroleum-based ingredients are harsh and unnecessary. The skin will do better with sunflower oil or triglycerides.


Harsh mechanical exfoliants are abrasive, removing your skin’s natural defense against icy cold weather. Round exfoliating beads are a gentler option. Or, consider skipping the beads and using gentle sponges.

Overnight Care

The skin renews itself overnight, but your sleeping hours are also an opportunity to use heavier moisturizers that are too oily for daywear. Restorative balms will work their magic on all your driest areas. Don’t neglect your knees, elbows, and hands.


Winter primes skin for sensitivity. Allergens that might not bother you in the summer can suddenly cause a reaction after fall. Hypoallergenic ingredients will prevent rashes while gently restoring your healthy glow.

Immune Boost

Cold weather weakens the immune system, so skin needs to be cared for from the inside out. Vitamin enriched smoothies and supplements will strengthen skin more effectively than any traditional moisturizer can.

Consider these tips when formulating winter health and beauty products. For a certified manufacturing partner, look no further than Healthy Solutions.