Do Races Have Different Hair?

Did you know that most human hair wigs come from China and India? Have you wondered why Brazilian weaves tend to be a bit pricier? If you’ve ever bought hair extensions, you may already know the answer– some races have thicker, more sought after, hair.

That doesn’t mean that some hair is “better” (Chris Rock made an entire documentary about this). Every type of hair should be celebrated, and no type should be seen as a hindrance. It’s vital that consumers understand their hair type and seek products from manufacturers that cater to their needs.

Thick Hair

Middle Eastern, South Asian, South American, and Native American

These varying races have something in common– thick hair. Brushing out thick hair is aided by deep conditioners that ensure the product penetrates through all the layers.

Product Tips:

Styling products that fight frizz tend to be popular among these groups.

Straight Hair

East Asian

East Asians have even rounder hair follicles, which makes the hair grow straight and rapidly increase in length as it grows.

Product Tips:

Curling products need to take into account the tendency of East Asian hair to straighten itself out.

Tight Curls


Those of African descent have flat hair follicles. This results in tight curls as the hair grows. Oil from the scalp has a harder time reaching the hair, which can lead to dryness, brittleness, and breakage. Frequent washing can strip the hair of much-needed oil.

Product Tips:

African hair types can benefit from moisturizing oils and salves.

Wavy Hair


Caucasian people have rounder hair follicles, resulting for the most part in straight or wavy hair. Because of this, hair grows out faster and the oil produced at the scalp saturates the length of the hair.

Products Tips:

Caucasian hair with oily tendencies require products that need less frequent washing.


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