How to Evaluate Nutritional Manufacturing Services

As more people come to realize that their current diets and health regimens are lacking certain key nutrients, nutritional manufacturing services are becoming more in demand. If you’re planning on launching your own supplement line, you need to be aware of standard practices, rules and regulations, and manufacturing procedures to ensure your products are safe and effective.

What You Should Know About Supplement Regulations

While supplement regulations aren’t nearly as strict as those for FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, there are crucial guidelines your manufacturer should always adhere to. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), set forth by the FDA, should be in place for any potential manufacturer of your line. The lab should always display, or at least be prepared to prove, that they are indeed GMP compliant. If they are not, the safety of your supplement is not guaranteed and you may be held liable for any damages caused by your product.

Choose a Manufacturer That Produces Similar Supplements

While you’re evaluating different nutritional manufacturing services, your bottom line and your product can benefit greatly by choosing a lab that already produces a similar product. They’ll likely be better equipped with materials, lowering costs and production time significantly. Healthy Solutions, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a cGMP certified lab with a long record of producing effective, precise, and exceptional supplements. For more information on our production processes, certifications, or to discuss your product line, contact us today!