Four Things To Know About Private Label Skin Care

Choosing between private label skin care manufacturers and large brand names can be difficult. Big name products are normally less expensive and can be much easier to find. That said, they also contain an abundance of chemicals and other ingredients that may not be needed. Private label skin care products are often made with more natural ingredients. They can cost a little bit more, sure, but each ingredient is chosen because it has a specific purpose in maintaining the elasticity and integrity of your skin.

There are several things many people do not know about private label skin care manufacturers. A few of them include:

  • The FDA does have some control over private label skin care products. While they may not regulate them like they do other products, the FDA does require that each product be accurately labeled without making false claims or promises.
  • A private label skin care product uses natural ingredients without a lot of extra processing or chemical manipulation. This offers the full effect of the ingredients without a lot of uncomfortable side effects.
  • Because the company is smaller, more care is put into the product. Products are produced in smaller batches and greater care is taken selecting the ingredients that will be used in the product. More time is spent actually overseeing the production process and less time is spent on marketing and manipulating the public.
  • Ingredients are chosen because of what they can actually do for the skin, not how long they can preserve the product or extend its shelf life.

The higher price you pay for private label skincare products helps cover the cost of the quality and workmanship that goes into the making of the product itself. With large brand name products, you pay less because it is mass produced in extremely large quantities. Simply put, better ingredients cost more money and require gentler manufacturing methods.