Why GMP Certification is Important in Cosmetics

GMP certification is a process that was introduced by the FDA to ensure the safety and effectiveness of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Since nearly all Americans use some sort of FDA governed product on a daily basis we are all affected by the standards that are set forth. In fact, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics guidelines probably apply to more products than most of us realize.


For anyone who regularly applies makeup, or even lotions and creams, the risk of contamination is a big deal. Our bodies are exposed to a wide range of ingredients which can cause allergic reactions, infections, and more. On the surface, there is no way for an individual to look at a product and determine whether a negative reaction was caused by an ingredient in the product or if it was caused by bacteria or other foreign matter in the mix. GMP certification requires strict testing of cosmetics for bacterial growth, as well as a wide range of common contaminants to minimize the risk to consumers.


Not only does GMP certification act to set a minimum standard for safety during manufacturing, it also creates an outline for consistency within the manufacturer’s process. It is obviously impossible to test every single product coming off the line, but it is possible to test a smaller representative sample and assume that all products were manufactured using the same exact standards, thus rendering them safe. Regular FDA inspections take place to ensure companies are upholding their commitment in order for them to retain their GMP certification. In cases where discrepancies are found, immediate corrective action is taken or the lines are shut down until a resolution can be made.

If you, like most Americans, make regular use of hand soaps, lotions, makeup or other cosmetic products, you should be happy to know that the makers of your favorite products are being held to a rigorous standard. It serves to keep you safe while also ensuring that any problems can be quickly reviewed to determine a cause.

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