Is Grapefruit seed extract an effective preservative?

Customers are always asking us about the use of grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. There is a great deal of misinformation on this topic so I thought we would share our thoughts.

The short of it is that Grapefruit seed extract alone is not an effective preservative. Despite what you may have heard there is little credible evidence that grapefruit seed extract is an effective anti-microbial. A review of grapefruit seed extracts that claim anti-microbial activity showed the presence of real preservatives including parabens (they were adulterated with real preservatives). This was disappointing news. Being a premier natural lotion manufacturer we understand the desire to limit the use of preservatives. We regularly work with our customers to find effective preservative systems that meet their needs. For natural products we recommend a non paraben, non formaldehyde donor system. Any responsible skin care manufacturer,  lotion manufacturer or liquid vitamin manufacturer should tell you the same. Please contact one of our lotion manufacturing or liquid vitamin manufacturing consultants at 800-391-3221 or email us [email protected] for additional information.