Harmful Bath Gel Liquid and Bubble Baths – What Are You Putting on Your Skin?

Bath Gel Liquid Manufacturing

You may be putting harmful chemicals on your skin whenever you soak in your hot tub. Those scented suds may help improve your mood, but if you’re taking too many bubble baths, then that could be why you’ve got a yeast infection.

If you still want to soak in bubble baths, you’ll need to explore safer options. Read on to know.

What’s Wrong With Bath Gels?

Most bubble baths contain detergents that may be irritating to your skin, with ingredients such as sodium laureth sulphate and cocami-doropulbetaine. Preservatives in the gel may also lead to skin irritation while fragrances and harsh detergents can strip your vulva of protective oils. This can lead to increased odor and dryness, vaginal infections, and even bladder infections.

If you love soaking in a hot bath, though, find alternatives that won’t hurt your skin and won’t harm your natural defense systems that keep your bladder, vulva, and vagina healthy.

Don’t Go for Perfumed Options

You don’t need to cut back on those long soaks in the tub. Just give heavily-perfumed bath products a miss. That’s one way to get your natural PH back to normal.

Use Gentle Options

Check out the ingredients of the gel liquids and bath products before you buy them. Will they irritate your skin? Do your homework. Find out what kind of ingredients you need to look out for. That’s going to help you find products that are good for your skin.

Check Out The Manufacturer

To make sure you’re getting high-quality options, check out the manufacturer. For instance, a liquid supplement manufacturer may also carry bath gels, along with a slew of other products. Do a bit of research to find out what the manufacturer’s background is. How long has it been around? What kind of reputation does it have in the business? The more information you have, the better choices you’ll make when you shop around.

Talk To Friends and Family

They may be a good source of tips and advice. However, be careful to sift through all the suggestions. Do they know of good bath products? What kind of liquid soaps and bath products do they use? What bath gel liquid manufacturing brands or companies do they trust?

If you’re looking for the right bath products, try out reliable names in the industy. Look to a trusted liquid supplement manufacturer like Healthy Solutions, LLC for safe and high-quality options.