Lose the Under Eye Bags: Ingredients Skin Care Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know About

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Do you or someone you know suffer from dark, under eye bags? Most people get under eye bags from staying out late at night, after a good cry, or from seasonal allergies. But for some of us, the under eye bags linger daily.

What are Under Eye Bags?

Under eye bags are puffy and swollen skin under the eyes. They are common with aging because the muscles and tissues around the eyes weaken. Under eye bags are rarely the result of a medical condition.

Treating Under Eye Bags

Treating under eye bags is fairly simple. There are medications, such as allergy medication, which can help. Many people will also opt for ointments or lotions to tighten the skin.

Under eye bags can also be treated with common products:

  • A cool compress applied to your eyes for a few minutes can help reduce the swelling.
  • Hemorrhoid cream is known to reduce puffiness and swelling. Just make sure you do not get it in your eyes.
  • The natural tannins in caffeinated tea are a gentle diuretic. In warm water, soak two tea bags then chill in the refrigerator for several minutes. Place one tea bag over each eye for five minutes.
  • Another nifty trick is to hold two metal teaspoons under very cold running water for a few minutes. Then place the spoon over your eyelids for 60 seconds. The cold of the metal will revive tired looking eyes.

Preventing Under Eye Bags

For long-term maintenance of under eye bags cut the sun exposure, salt, and tobacco. All of these cause long-term problems with skin elasticity.

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