Lotion Manufacturing Tips

When designing a lotion for market there are several things to consider.

1. Color-for a standard lotion anything goes. Pinks, reds, greens you name it. However, when manufacturing a natural lotion you need to limit yourself to natural colors like chlorophyll for green. Be very careful however and work with your lotion manufacturer closely as natural colors tend to be unstable. By that I mean they are sensitive to light, heat and pH.

2. Fragrance-Fragrance options are almost limitless. Unless you have the budget for a focus group we suggest you go with a proven winner. Ask your lotion manufacturer what is popular or ask us to replicate a national brand fragrance. When manufacturing natural lotions stick to essential oils.

3. Texture, Feel and After Feel- This is the heart and soul of your lotion. Determine what part of the body it is going to be applied to. i.e. if its a face lotion you want it to be light, non oily and have little to no residual feel. If it’s a body lotion you may want a thicker lotion with more after-feel. The absolute best way to quickly and accurately get the product you want is to provide your lotion manufacturer with a reference standard. Even if the standard is a completely different product it will give the formulators a host of needed information.

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