Mass Market vs Private Label Vitamin Suppliers: What You Should Know

There are a few misconceptions floating around about large, well-known vitamin supplies in relation to their competitors. The main difference between the two is simply advertising and marketing campaigns. Before you make the decision to have your products manufactured by a large company, you should first cover all bases and find the lab that can truly honor your product line.

Manufacturing Process, Quality, and Transparency

A larger, well-known lab typically produces much more product per day than their counterparts. The quality of products produced by these labs may not be up to par when compared with a private label supplement producer. At a private label lab, the vitamins being produced will often be overseen by more individuals during the process. This means less room for error.

Transparency is a major factor when comparing vitamin suppliers. A smaller company is much more likely to effectively communicate with you about their manufacturing process and answer and questions you may have. A company that mass produces products, while easier to find, initially, is likely to have most of their time consumed by managing an overwhelming number of products for a plethora of clients.

Vitamin suppliers and the products they produce are meant to promote health and well-being. You want your vision and products to reflect that you truly care about your consumers. Choosing a vitamin supplier that truly cares and will spend more time nurturing your supplements into existence is not only beneficial to the health of your consumers, it is sure to increase your bottom line, as well!