Men’s VS Women’s Lotion

We all know that women’s lotion smells like lavender fields and island breezes, while men’s lotion is scented like enraged cyclones and roundhouse kicks. At least that’s the way they’re, unfortunately, advertised.

What you might not know is that the difference between men’s lotion and women’s lotion is more than scent.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Skin Care

Most of the differences between men’s and women’s skin arises from testosterone levels. Men’s skin is about 25% thicker. Their skin has larger pores, thicker hair, and more oil production. Men are also at higher risk for skin cancer. On average, they spend more time in the sun, and they are less likely to consider SPF a necessity.


Women require creamier lotion to make up for their higher rates of moisture loss. Because the skin is thinner, they are more sensitive to ingredients and, therefore, women’s products should contain lower concentrations than men’s.


Men are more prone to acne because of their larger pores and increased sebum production. This means creamy lotions are likely to do more harm than good as they may clog the pores. Higher concentrations of acne-fighting ingredients are required for best results.


On the other hand, shaving the face can cause irritation or sensitivity to some products. Just like some women have more sensitive skin than others, some men are more sensitive. A skin care product line for men should take variation into account.


Everyone needs to use skin products with SPF protection. While women have been taught from an early age to follow a daily skin care regime, men are likely to resist a complicated, multi-step process involving products they aren’t used to paying for. Formulating men’s moisturizers and lotions should account for biological and behavioral differences.


Is your lotion manufacturer aware of the differences between men’s and women’s lotions? Healthy Solutions creates detailed certificates of each product’s analysis and has over a hundred years of skin care manufacturing. Make the switch today.

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