Natural Skin Care Manufacturers vs Skin Care Manufacturers

While many skin care manufacturers have the technical expertise needed to produce natural formulas only a handful actually understand the natural products marketplace. Healthy Solutions is a skin care manufacturer who has worked inside the natural products industry for years. We can help steer you away from hot button ingredients. We have years of experience in manufacturing natural skin care products. If you’ve got an idea we can help you bring it to market. If you have an existing line we can help you update it. Here is a short list of some of the types of natural skin care manufacturing we do.

1. Natural Face Wash
2. Natural Exfoliating Face Wash
3. Natural anti-aging cremes and serums
4. Natural Body Butter
5. Natural Face Cremes (day & night)
6. Natural Body Lotion
7. Natural Body Wash
8. Natural Shampoo
9. Natural Conditioner
10. And much much more!

Call one of our manufacturing experts to discuss your project. We have a # of stock base formulations available. if your looking for a quick and easy way to get your products to market we suggest using a base formulation along with adding a few ingredients of your choice to make it proprietary to you.