Packaging Health and Beauty Products

Creating a health or beauty line is unlike other businesses. It involves a lot of regulation and testing, so by the time you’re ready to package and sell your product, you’re eager to rush the last steps. According to marketing research however, this isn’t the best idea. Whether you’re selling vitamins or lotion, packaging is more significant than you’d think.

Consumers are Visual

  • 42% of shoppers admit that they base their opinion of a shop on its overall design.
  • 52% of shoppers won’t return to an online shop because of its overall look.
  • Some 60% of customers feel more secure about a purchase when it’s packaged with the word “guaranteed.”

What Consumers Look For

  • Packaging that clearly identifies the product and brand. The most important information should be easily found.
  • Durable, compact, and easy to use packaging that be utilized as storage or a carrying case later.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging that can be recycled.
  • Packaging that is attractive and unique in a way that makes it stick out from other products in the same category.

How Color Plays a Part

  • Red communicates passion and excitement.
  • Blue tends to be peaceful, professional and corporate.
  • Black can be stark, but also professional, clean, and sophisticated.
  • Pink communicates sincerity.
  • Green can be active and outdoorsy.
  • Yellow communicates competence and happiness.

Checking Out the Competition

It’s important for your business to research other packaging designs related to your products. The goal is to be inspired, not copy them.


At Healthy Solutions, we don’t just manufacture vitamins, supplements, and skin care. We help your business with the packaging process as well.


We offer a myriad of product containers with an almost unlimited selection of customized and professional packaging options. We understand the market and are fully prepared to help you in selecting the right type of packaging for your market. Contact us today.