How to Pick the Best Foundation for Your Skin

With aisle upon aisle of makeup brands on the market today, picking a foundation that is in line with your skin tone can be daunting. There are a variety of brands ranging from oil-free to full-coverage to mattifying, which can leave you utterly confused. Trying different options of foundation on your beautiful face is a scary risk! You don’t want to spend your money on the wrong foundation.  Choosing the makeup brands to supply your foundations can be challenging.

Healthy solutions is here to help you out with making the right decision on where and how to source your foundation. We advise you on the best affordable foundation that suits your skin.

How to choose the perfect foundation

Test it before buying

A foundation should always be tested before purchasing. Nothing can be more annoying than getting to the drugstore, buying a foundation then driving back home only to find it does not match your skin tone. You cannot judge a foundation by its bottle. Make sure to test any foundation before purchasing.

How to test the shade

While testing, it’s wise to do it on a fresh clean face. An already made up face might not yield best results. Apply a maximum of three colors on your jawline then stand in natural light and check it out. Note that the best foundation will disappear on your face completely and leave your face as fresh. If it forms fine lines or wrinkles then it’s not best for you.

Buy from a department store

A department store is recommended when buying your foundation. Make-up artists are there to help you through picking the perfect shade. They will do a skin tone test either on your cheek or the back of your hand. This will help them know which foundation suits you best.

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