Protein for Good Skin, Hair, and Nails

When you’re on a protein-rich diet, people immediately think that you are trying to buff up. But did you know that aside from building muscles, protein is also responsible for good skin, hair, and nails?

Protein deficiency can lead to puffy bags, as well as swollen hands, ankles, and face. Likewise, protein deficient individuals are more prone to split nails because they are made up of protein and not calcium, as some people think.

Even the structure of hair follicles is made of protein. Without it, you probably have an idea of what will happen. However, there are eight amino acids that the human body do not produce. So, they must come from foods rich in complete protein like dairy, eggs, meat, fish, and soy. Quality protein supplements can also help fill any nutritional gap for complete protein intake, which is another great reason to take protein powders.

Collagen for Better Skin

Medical News Today defines collagen as the most abundant protein in the body found in the muscles, bones, tendons, and skin. In fact, it makes up 30% of the total protein in the body. It is the substance that holds the cells of the body together. It forms a scaffold to help strengthen the blood vessels, skin, teeth, and bones. It is also responsible for giving skin its elasticity.

You’ll notice how some people who are in an extremely low-protein diet or have been sick have noticeable saggy muscles in the legs and arms. This is a clear indication that they have lost a significant amount of collagen.

Importance of Protein

Protein is an essential component of every cell in the human body. It is also critical for building and repairing tissues. Protein also helps produce hormones, enzymes, and other necessary body chemicals. In short, protein is a vital building block of muscles, bones, skin, blood, and cartilage.

The Bottom Line

Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy body. However, the busy lives people lead have resulted in an unhealthy diet of fast food. In this instance, supplements like protein powder can bridge the nutritional gap.

With that said, many people are willing to spend a few dollars on protein supplements, so it’s a good market to enter. Protein manufacturers can help you create your product. At Healthy Solutions™, LLC, we never compromise on quality. We only use the best ingredients, so you can rest assured that your finished product is top of the line. Contact us today.