Questions You Should Ask a Private Label Supplements Manufacturer

Over the last few years, the private label industry has been booming. Thousands of businesses are opting for private label opportunities in all industries, including health, beauty, sports, autos, and home appliances, among others. Health, nutritional and wellness business owners looking to increase their revenue through new product offerings find private label supplements perfect for them. Working with the right manufacturers significantly increases the chances of a business succeeding with private labeling.

However, not all health and wellness companies that start selling supplements thrive or survive. The success or failure of the businesses is directly linked to the manufacturers they choose. Before starting a private label business, take your time to find the right manufacturer. Here are four questions you should ask any potential private label manufacturers you wish to work with.

i) What is your minimum order?
Majority of private label supplement manufacturers have minimum order restrictions. However, when you are starting out, you may not have the funds to meet large minimum orders. As such, it will be better to select a manufacturer that has experience working with startup companies.

ii) Do you offer label templates?

One of the most important startup processes in the nutritional and health supplements business is labeling. Your product labels should be compliant with FDA regulations. You can avoid common labeling mistakes by working with a manufacturer that provides label templates. Using a manufacturer’s templates will save you time, money, and additional costs of having to redo non-compliant labels.

iii) How long have you been operational?

Find out how long the manufacturer has been in business. The number of years in operation will give you an idea of their knowledge of the private label industry. Look for a manufacturer with a proven record of success. Such a manufacturer can guide you through the process of starting the private label operations and may become your ally as the business grows.

iv) Are you compliant with GMPs?

When evaluating private label manufacturers, find out their history of FDA compliance. Check whether the company is compliant with FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Apart from this, inquire about their internal auditing processes that ensure they remain complaint. Do not waste your time or money negotiating with a non-compliant manufacturer.

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