Selecting A Professional Vitamin Manufacturer For Your Product

Whether you’re the owner of an already-established health-oriented company interested in selling your own brand of vitamins and/or skincare products, or you’re just now looking into launching your own private label nutritional supplements and/or cosmetics, you’ll first want to collaborate with the very best vitamin manufacturer for your products. By partnering with a high-caliber, integrity-based, quality-centric manufacturer, you can rest easy knowing that the vitamins, supplements, skincare products, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, and other products they formulate are nothing less than exceptional.

Here’s a look at some of the characteristics of top-notch manufacturers:

They’re cGMP certified.

First and foremost, don’t work with a manufacturer that does not hold a current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) certification. Overseen by regulatory agencies, GMP certifications affirm that manufacturers adhere to all the specific manufacturing practices necessary to be in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the regulatory agencies who approve authorization and licensing to the manufacturers. If a manufacturer of vitamins or skincare products doesn’t meet this basic manufacturing requirement, don’t work with them.

They have cGMP Certification PLUS exceptional production standards.

While ideally all manufacturers who are cGMP certified adhere to the same world-class high-standards, that’s just not the case. As such, it’s important to look beyond the cGMP certification. The best manufacturers demonstrate high-level cGMP compliance in their finished products and have first-rate production controls. The best manufacturers will also have state-of-the-art, rigorous quantitative and qualitative testing that they perform in their fully-stocked analytical labs.

They perform extensive raw material and finished goods testing.

Both qualitative and quantities research and testing should be a regular aspect and critical component of the vitamin manufacturer you choose to partner with, especially since that manufacturer will be providing you with the brand that will shape your reputation in the industry. A vitamin manufacturer dedicated to testing will have state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled expert analytical chemists employed to accomplish this feat.

They dedicate a portion of their staff specifically to quality functions.

A vitamin manufacturer that designates a quarter of its staff just to quality assurance and quality control shows that what they produce and how they produce it – matters. Further, a dedicated QA and QC staff that is present and available during all facets of the manufacturing process affirms that the manufacturer does not want to leave any room for error.