Skin Care Manufacturer: Fastest Way to Develop a Skin Care Product

Step 1. Contact a skin care manufacturer to discuss your product concept and determine whether or not the manufacturer has the knowledge base, capabilities and expertise necessary to develop your type of product.

Step 2: The fastest way to make the most amount of progress is to send the skin care manufacturer a sample of a similar type of product. This gives them extensive insight into the look, feel, viscosity, body fragrance level etc… that you’ll be looking for in the finished product.

Step 3: Select the packaging you want. visit sites like & Take a look at what they have and determine what type of packaging best fits your brand.

Step 4: Get a quote. Now that the skin care manufacturer has a good idea of the product type and packaging you need they will be able to provide you with a fairly accurate quote. By fairly accurate i mean in the 90% range.

Step 5: Get pre-production samples. Most skin care manufacturers charge in the range of $750-1500 for this service. It may seem a bit steep but believe me it comes nowhere to covering the actual cost incurred by the mfg. Know exactly what you want as formula changes at this point may cause additional charges.

Step 6: Request whatever revisions of the samples may be necessary to achieve the product you want.

Step 7: Approve the samples, receive final production pricing and place an order for your product. Delivery of the finished good should take about 6-8 weeks.