Create a Successful Vitamin With the Help of Vitamin Manufacturers

The supplement industry is booming, with new products being introduced every year and companies offering lucrative auto-shop programs that guarantee a steady stream of income from satisfied buyers.

In order to compete with existing supplement manufacturers, a successful vitamin developer needs to be aware of what buyers are looking for when choosing what is, in most cases, an elective item.

Here are five tips Healthy Solutions vitamin manufacturers can use to create a successful product.

Make it convenient. Customers overwhelmingly prefer a one-pill-a-day dosing module. If your product can present a therapeutic dose in one capsule, you’ve increased the chance customers will make the product part of their daily routine.

Watch the size of the pills. When marketing to older customers, it’s important to consider the ease of swallowing. Many people put all their vitamins in a small pillbox and swallow them together. If your capsule is too large, your customers might look to your competitors for a more convenient size.

Be careful of fillers. Many people, particularly those who seek out alternative treatments, are sensitive to additives. If you can boast on your label that your product contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, you will build confidence in your consumer—more so if your product is gluten-free, soy-free and lactose-free.

Try for long expiration dates. If you want customers to take advantage of Buy-One-Get-One-Free promotions or other discounts, it’s important that the product can be kept in one’s cabinet for months past the sale date. It’s essential that your developer uses ingredients that do not degrade over time.

Highlight the benefits of the product on the label. If your product is sold in stores, you know how important this is. Even for items sold online, costumers will use the zoom-in feature to see what the product purports to do. Here is where you can boast the results of any favorable studies and present specific benefits, such as “Supports Healthy Skin” or “Boosts Athletic Performance.” Beneficial, consumer-oriented labeling is also important even after the customer has bought the item, as every time he or she reaches for the bottle in his cabinet, you want him or her to be reminded of the benefits.

By focusing on these important concerns, you can ensure your customers will make your vitamin supplement a regular part of their daily routine.