Superfood Skin Care Formulation

Google receives more than four billion searches for “beauty” every year, and ready access to online information has changed shopping habits drastically. Consumers spend more time on the evaluation phase of their purchase than ever before.

In an environment crawling with savvy buyers, your ingredients have become all the more important, and they need to evoke an emotional response in mere seconds. There’s a reason the cosmetics market has become infatuated with ingredients like bergamot and superfoods. Rosehip appeals to the imagination and senses far better than diethanolamine and phthalates ever will. Buyers instantly associate kale and pomegranate with bright-eyed health, and with that picture inside their heads, your sale is half-won.

What those ingredients can do for the skin itself is, of course, a more compelling long term selling point, but if you can get your product inside shopping baskets, you’re halfway there. The chemicals kale and spinach bring to your products are identical to those that are reproduced synthetically, but your average buyer will associate superfood ingredients with antioxidant or antibacterial properties far more readily.

Marketing Superfood Ingredients

In many ways, marketing beauty products is like telling a story complete with its own values, ambitions, and emotions. Give your buyers a package that appeals to them on all three of those levels, and you’ll have an easier time turning them into repeat clients. Your brand is only as powerful as it is emotive, and ingredients consumers can barely pronounce simply don’t compel.

Today’s shoppers want their products to appeal to their interest in green, sustainable living, which is why 51% of global cosmetics purchases are from brands with ethical practices. That’s a massive number, and no brand can safely ignore it.

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