Supplement Suppliers and Important Vitamins

As a consequence of modern diets, most people can appreciate the impact that nutritional supplements have in their daily lives. It is a fact of life that your diet likely falls short of the complete spectrum of nutrients that are necessary for optimal health, due to food availability, time or simply desire. That’s why supplement suppliers have cornered the market on providing you with the daily recommended doses of vitamin A, vitamin D, and all the other essentials that help you achieve optimal health.

Supplement Suppliers and Important Vitamins

Statistics show that despite the proven effectiveness of dietary supplements for your health, upwards of 90% of adults still do not receive adequate vitamins and minerals. Their importance simply cannot be understated. Especially when forming a single component of an overall healthy lifestyle that consists of exercise, adequate rest and good, healthy food.

Since most Americans fail to eat the amount of vegetables and fruits suggested by health professionals, it should come as no surprise that your diet may be lacking in vitamin E. This vitamin, which supports immune function, can be made up with supplementation and is strongly encouraged because of the additional role it plays in catalyzing the reaction of other nutrients with your body. Other important ones offered by supplement suppliers are vitamin D and vitamin B-12 – especially for the elderly. As you well know, calcium is essential for bone health. Women, in particular, need to make sure their intake is adequate because of their naturally lower bone density.

Satisfying Your Increased Need for Supplementation

As you age, your body becomes less efficient. The good thing is that supplement suppliers offer robust means to combat any encroaching deficiencies. Antioxidants have been shown to stave off macular degeneration in the eyes of the elderly, as well as an improvement of cognitive function for those who start taking quality products from supplement suppliers.

Pregnant women have increased nutrient needs. Iron and folic acid deficiencies are known to cause birth defects such as cognitive dissonance, as well a significantly reduced risk of the baby having spinal bifida and defects in the neural tube.

A multivitamin a day can have significant improvements on your overall health. Even “good” diets may not have all the nutrients you need, which is why supplementation is an advancement to take advantage of.