Surprising Facts About Nutritional Supplements

Supplements are not designed to replace a healthy diet. Instead, they’re created to augment your diet and daily intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, not all multivitamins or supplements are created equal. Some supplement manufacturers use better and more potent ingredients than others.

Here is some more information about supplements that you may not know about.

They’re Not Meant to Replace a Healthy Diet

Taking a lot of supplements does not mean anything. If you exceed your recommended daily dosage, only two things could happen: the body flushes the extra vitamins and minerals out of your body, or the excess amounts will build up in the over long periods of time. The human body needs vital nutrients to function correctly, but too much of some may actually cause specific health problems.

The effectiveness of any medication or supplement is not dictated by how much you take. Instead, it’s the quality of the supplement that mandates its efficacy. Additionally, supplements should not be taken like they are meant to replace a healthy diet, because they are not.

Supplements Could Negatively Interact with Other Existing Medications

Vitamins are generally considered to be safe, but some of them may actually interact with other medications you may be currently taking. For example, vitamin K can decrease the effectiveness of blood thinners, such as Coumadin (warfarin). Likewise, vitamin E is known to increase a blood thinner’s effectiveness, which may lead to nosebleeds and easy bruising.

Supplements May Have Different Effects on Different People

Just because your friend responded well to a certain multivitamin, it doesn’t mean that you’ll also have the same results. Supplements work differently with each different body. For example, if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, taking a supplement can do wonders for you. However, you won’t see much benefits if you don’t have any vitamin deficiencies at all.

It’s Not Always About the Brand Name

If you compare two of the same type of supplement – but different brand names – to each other, you’ll notice that the percentage of certain vitamins may not be the same. The breakdown of vitamins in a certain product is more important than the brand name when choosing a nutritional supplement.

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