The Dangers of Bad Supplement Manufacturing Practices

The U.S. Poison Control Center receives a call about supplement reactions every 24 minutes. The annual rate of exposure is rising on the back of unsafe botanicals and adulterated, or even absent, ingredients. Children are affected by unethical manufacturing practices the most, accounting for 70% of exposures. Most were the result of ma huang, yohimbe, and energy products, which often contain high levels of caffeine and ginseng. The FDA frequently recalls products containing pesticides and high levels of heavy metal contamination. Stiff manufacturing practices are a rarity in the industry, but when ethics are in play, they have a dramatic effect on consumer safety.

Ethics in Action

Good manufacturing practices addresss exposure on three broad levels:

  • Packaging– retains nutrient integrity, protects from extreme temperatures and moisture.
  • Labeling– reports all ingredients in their correct quantities instead of falling back on dangerous, undeclared stimulants and pharmaceuticals. With all the information in one place, patients and their doctors can take informed action when things go wrong.
  • Manufacturing– ensures that products contain the quality ingredients they say they do and nothing else.

The FDA doesn’t require supplement manufacturers to prove themselves effective in trials, so you’re heavily reliant on the company that produces your products.


The reoccurring danger of bad supplements are leading suppliers to manufacturers like Healthy Solutions. Principled manufacturers have several testing strategies in place to avoid contamination and keep nutrient levels stable. High production standards keep your brand and those who support it safe. A state of the art facility can also produce supplements that are of high quality, boosting efficacy. Nutrients and supplements are stored in the right conditions so that they don’t degrade before they hit the shelves. Purification procedures will add an entirely new layer of security. The end result is your peace of mind and a lasting reputation.