The Power of Protein Powder Supplements

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A protein is made of amino acids. A food source that contains the nine essential amino acids—there are 20 common ones—is called a complete protein.

Proteins are essential building blocks of bone, muscle and skin. It aids the body in many ways, including:

Weight Loss

Protein aids muscle growth. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts who lift weights, do resistance exercises and other types of strength training take protein supplements. That’s one of the reasons behind the demand for protein powder manufacturing, with supplements helping users gain muscle mass. These also improve muscle strength and size in healthy adults. They work on men and women, but not so much on older adults, since humans need more protein as they age.


Going through sets of rigorous exercises can result in strained, knotted up muscles. Repetitive motions can also lead to wear and damage. Athletes take protein to ease the soreness after exercise and in some cases, to reduce muscle damage.

Additional Nutrition

If you’re often running out the door in the mornings and don’t have time to prepare your meals, then you probably don’t eat balanced meals. Are you getting enough protein? The recommended daily intake of protein for those over 19 years is 46 g—for women—and it’s 56 g from men. If you are a professional athlete, have chronic disease, or old, then you have higher protein requirements you’ll need to satisfy.

Using Protein Powder

If your meals don’t provide you with the daily recommended dose of protein, then you may want to consider supplementing your diet with protein powder. Here are a few tips to remember.

  • Before you use protein powders, make sure you determine your nutritional needs. Don’t start taking supplements before you know how much you need.
  • Don’t go overboard with your protein consumption. It’s important to stick to the amount you need. Too much protein in your system will affect your body’s bone and calcium balance. In the long run, it can also lead to kidney and liver damage.
  • Take it after your workouts. Some suggest that this is the best time to take the powder in people with a reduced-calorie diet.

Shopping For Protein Powder

Get the supplements you need. Shop around for reliable names for protein powder manufacturing like Healthy Solutions, LLC when you shop online or at the drug store. Do your homework so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.