The Real Reason Some Supplements Aren’t Up to Par

The use of dietary supplements is a popular topic when it comes to health and wellness. Most advocates say that modern diets lack many key nutrients that can be bolstered with the regular consumption of supplements, while some skeptics claim these dietary additives are no better than the fillers we find in subpar foods.

Who is right? It all depends on the supplement manufacturer and how well the product is made.

Standards for Excellence

It is a misconception that there are no guidelines for the purity, strength, and quality of dietary supplements. While individual manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe for use, the FDA is capable of acting against any producer who fails to do so. Believing that there are no checks or balances for bad vitamin manufacturers is simply incorrect.

What to Watch for in Supplements

How can a person know that a supplement is of the highest possible quality – and also a good fit for their needs?

There are three steps to this process. First, it pays to look at the ingredients list on any supplement you are considering consuming. Some supplements may be made with cheap filler ingredients or substandard sources of nutrients. You can identify these easily by checking for them on the label.

Next, think about your own dietary needs and current health. What do you feel you are lacking? Are there ingredients that you don’t need or should avoid? Multivitamin supplements may contain ingredients that you do not want, as well as fillers that could cause allergic reactions in some consumers. Again, reading the label is your best bet for safety.

Last, always speak to your physician before incorporating a new supplement into your diet. This is key, since some natural supplements are perfectly healthy and harmless – unless combined with certain health conditions or medications. To avoid a potentially dangerous or deadly reaction, always consult a medical professional before consuming any new drug.

The quality of every supplement on the market begins where the vitamin itself does. When you source your products from a high-quality manufacturer, you can rest assured that you’re buying only the best finished products. Many manufacturers produce various vitamin brands, so be sure to research the manufacturer as well as the brand to learn as much as you can before committing to a new product.

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