The Rise of Korean Beauty Products

South Korea’s obsession with beauty dates back to 700BC. It’s an integral part of its culture and has been carried down from parent to child since ancient days. This might seem odd for a country that’s founded on Mahayana Buddhism until you look beneath the surface. Beauty is self-care, so it sits comfortably alongside the region’s spiritual passions. South Koreans spend twice as much on their beauty products as those in other countries, and the profundity of their attitudes plays a core role in this industry’s success.

The Center of the World’s Beauty Stage

Myeong-dong is a bustling beauty metropolis that attracts more than a million travelers a day. Here, you can peruse multi-step skincare routines that cleanse, cool, hydrate, and soothe. You’ll find zombie face masks, products that make your skin glisten like glass, and nonsurgical treatments that smooth away lumps and double chins. K-beauty begins with dermal health, and Korea is more innovative than most other nations. Brand leaders are constantly seeking out fresh approaches and ingredients.

Beauty as a Philosophy

To some, K-beauty is a sign of patriarchal culture, but in Korea, beauty is simply a way to boost self-esteem mindfully. Local businesses are always seeking out new and interesting approaches to make up. This is more than merely an industry—it’s a lifestyle that influences brand titans all over the world. South Koreans are nothing if not creative with their fashion. They don’t simply apply lipstick. They use gradient lip tints, blurred, fading color, and even lip tattoos.

Creativity will always lead the beauty industry, and one country has risen well beyond the rest in that area. When you’re looking for inspiration, K-beauty will provide it, but don’t forget the spiritual side of your beauty regime.

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