Tis the Season for Gift Baskets

Gift baskets attract far too much flack at Christmas time, and in some ways, they’ve deserved it purely on the basis of presentation. Thankfully, they’re no longer designed with a complete lack of inspiration, and since everyone loves a dash of extravagance and deliciousness, they make the perfect gifts.

Spa Delights

If your loved one prefers scented delights, give them a package of serenity. Bath beads, candles, and brushes will treat them for months on end. Serve with a generous spa day, and you’ll win enough points to keep you in their good books all year.

Foodie Baskets

The contemporary focus on artisanal connoisseurship gives you plenty to build on. Nutrient-packed shakes and beautifully packaged smoothie ingredients add wholesomeness to the season. Food themed baskets quash the tedium of last season’s clichés. Just because your recipient values a healthy body, doesn’t mean deliciousness is crossed off their Christmas list.

Personalized offerings add thoughtfulness to the package. Beautifully crafted and engraved packages add class to your basket.

Youthful Gifts

Study help packages and baby care sets are just the things for your younger friends. B vitamins and tonics will fuel next year’s exams, while soothing herbal formulas and aromatherapy keep younger kids serene.

The Elegant Fashionista

The beauty mogul in your life is always in need of new ways to splurge. Skin care products are an elegant way to spoil them. Add a manicure gift card or a massage to truly impress.

Thematic presentation gives today’s baskets enough artistry to delight. Exquisite chests, elegant briefcases, and hipster-inspired buckets are enough to make recipients feel utterly spoiled. Containers are functional enough to serve as gifts in their own right. That doesn’t negate the importance of the luxuries they contain, of course, but it certainly reinvents the concept of gift baskets.

For health and beauty brands, gift baskets make great raffle prizes to donate to a cause. Increase brand awareness while supporting your community, and your products will be on everybody’s wish list.