Vitamin E – the Great Eye Wrinkle Reducer

vitamin E - wrinkle reducer

Everyone swears by vitamin E as the ultimate wrinkle reducer, restoring a youthful firmness to the area around the eyes most prone to wrinkling and crow’s feet. This fat-soluble vitamin is found naturally in proteins such as meat, poultry, and eggs, but also in vegetable oils, cereals, nuts, avocados, broccoli, and spinach. The vitamin also plays an important part in our health by supporting immune response, circulation, and neutralizing free radicals. Research shows that vitamin E is associated with improving muscle strength and decreasing muscle damage after exercise, as well as improving endurance and energy.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

People apply vitamin E directly to the skin or take a caplet by mouth. The highest recommended dose is 15 mg per day. Exceeding this dose can be dangerous for those who have heart disease or diabetes, with very high doses increasing the possibility of hemorrhagic stroke by 22%. Additionally, people facing surgery are advised not to use vitamin D two weeks before surgery as it can interfere with healing incisions as well as cause excessive bleeding during and after the procedure. Certain drugs are also unsafe when combined with vitamin E, especially medications that thin the blood such as Warfarin or Coumadin.

Educate Consumers

If you are thinking of producing your own white label line of vitamins, educating your customers is the best way to help them understand safe and proper vitamin usage. When working with vitamin manufacturers, you will be able to design your own packaging that reflects the information you want to offer your customers, so they can make an informed choice. By educating your customers in how to safely use vitamins, you’ll help keep them healthy.

Find the Right Company

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