Vitamin Manufacturers vs. Liquid Vitamin Manufacturers

Vitamin Manufacturers are more common than liquid vitamin manufacturers. Healthy Solutions has made a name for itself as the premier liquid vitamin manufacturer. Many customers want to know why we have chosen to specialize in liquids. The short of it is that we love innovation and a challenge. The personal rewards and sense of accomplishment associated with producing a great tasting liquid formulation are immense. While it may be exciting for manufacturers who tablet and encapsulate it’s just not the same. Every new product we help bring to market has a unique flavor profile. We take great pride in doing what others can not. We love providing our customers with a competitive edge. We know full well that a liquid vitamin or supplement that doesn’t appeal to the senses wont sell. We also know that if we can provide our customers with a competitive edge in the market place we will both benefit. What others see as disadvantages we see as opportunity. Yes, it takes a few weeks longer to get a product to market. Yes, it requires a good deal more communication between us and our customers. But those are good things. Building strong, long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our customers is the goal. We don’t want to just be another manufacturer. We strive to be your partner. Healthy Solutions is a liquid vitamin manufacturer who understands the marketplace and wants to help you be successful.