Vitamin Manufacturing Industry Trends

Vitamin Manufacturing and Liquid Vitamin Manufacturing isn’t really a seasonal business but ever so often a trend takes off in the natural products industry and vitamin manufacturers are inundated with formulation and production request. We’re all familiar with the affect that Acai and other superfruits had and continue to have on the industry. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog post Vitamin D is quickly rising in popularity due to information such as follows .

“The U.S. government panel in charge of setting recommended daily intake levels for vitamins today announced a large increase of vitamin D for all populations in North America.

Specifically, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report advocated a doubling of vitamin D intake for infants (to 400 IU), a tripling of vitamin D intake for those between ages 1 and 50 (to 600 IU), a 50 percent hike in those ages 51 to 70 (to 600 IU), and a 33 percent increase for those older than 71 years old (to 800 IU).”

The upward trend has many companies interested in either adding or updating their Vitamin D Formulas. Healthy Solutions has developed a handful of stock vitamin D formulations. Work with a Vitamin Manufacturer who is at the forefront of industry trends so that your company can quickly capitalize on the sales associated with such trends.