Who Needs Vitamins, Anyway?

Obviously, everybody needs vitamins. The question is, are balanced meals enough to supply your body with sufficient nutrition, or do you need vitamin supplements?

68% of Americans use dietary supplements, and the numbers are still climbing. 44% of them do so to improve their general wellbeing, but indiscriminate use can be benign at best and harmful at worst. Supplements can create an imbalance that reduces your body’s absorption of other nutrients, and overdosing on those that are fat soluble can lead to illness. That said, there are genuine and evidence-based uses.

Prenatal Health

Folic acid prevents neural tube defects, anencephaly, and defects of the spine in babies. Make sure your prenatal vitamins don’t contain botanicals, which aren’t treated with the same scrutiny as prescription drugs and may be unsafe.

Preventing Colds

If you take vitamin C before you develop cold symptoms, the course of your illness will shorten by 8% (or 14% in children) — on average, the equivalent of one day. Because the human body doesn’t manufacture this nutrient, you must increase your intake with fruit, leafy vegetables, and supplements. Avoid dosages of over 400 mgs.

Chronic Medications and Vitamin Deficiencies

Many prescription medications can cause vitamin deficiencies.

  • Antacids can cause vitamin B6 deficiency
  • Antibiotics can reduce absorption of B12 and folate
  • If you’re taking anticonvulsants, biotin and B supplements are needed.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants can cause riboflavin deficiency.

Chronic Illness and Vitamin Deficiency

Some forms of anaemia can cause folate deficiency, and gastritis can reduce B12 absorption. Chrohn’s and celiac disease also cause B12 deficiency, and if you have cancer, you might need folate and vitamin C. Regardless of your chronic condition, remind your doctor to cover your supplement needs.

Dietary Limitations and Supplements

Dietary limitations can create havoc in your body. Vegans rarely take in enough B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. Raw food diets can cause severe vitamin B deficiencies, and anorexia causes untold nutritional deficits.

If you suspect you might have a deficiency, a dietitian or physician will advise you on quality supplements that your body will readily absorb. If you have a great product and need a vitamin and supplement manufacturer, contact Healthy Solutions today.