Whole Foods Lotion Manufacturing Standards

Most people within the natural products marketplace would love the opportunity to sell products to Whole Foods. If you are one of the aforementioned many we suggest you familiarize yourself with the Whole Foods standards for premium body care and also the Whole Foods list of unacceptable ingredients for premium body care. Healthy Solutions is used to working within these standards and can assist you in developing a new product or reformulating an existing product to fit within the Whole Foods standards. Healthy Solutions is a lotion manufacturer that is willing to help you accomplish your goals. As a leading manufacturer in the natural products marketplace Healthy Solutions is well versed in what natural products buyers want. We used to substituting ingredients for their natural or more natural counterpart. We understand that it is critically important to avoiding certain hot button ingredients and most importantly we have a long history of manufacturing natural lotions with exceptional feel and after-feel. Healthy Solutions considers itself an expert in the field of natural lotion manufacturing. Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants to discuss your lotion manufacturing project. Or complete the contact form and we’ll be happy to contact you.