Liquid B Vitamin Manufacturing & Flavor Profiling

B vitamins are popular for a number of reasons. They’re great for supporting energy levels, circulation and much much more. B vitamins, particularly liquid B vitamins continue to be top sellers. I just thought we’d give you some insight into the hard work that goes into manufacturing a liquid B vitamin. As a liquid B vitamin manufacturer, Healthy Solutions has created and/or updated a number of different B vitamin formulations. B vitamins present a number of formulation challenges.

1. They create a bright yellow/orange color
2. They have a distinct and somewhat strong “vitamin smell”
3. Their taste is less than desirable.

Lucky for our customers and our customers customers, Healthy Solutions has developed a handful of proprietary flavor profiles which do an incredible job of masking the odor and flavor of B vitamins. I would argue that we’re one of the few vitamin manufacturers who has successfully accomplished this feat.